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Custom Fabrication Demands Custom Solutions

Definition: Custom Fabrication - the act or process of fabricating/manufacture made specifically for individual customers.

Nothing in the term “Custom Fabrication” implies a “one-size-fits-all” approach to metal fabrication. That's why companies come to Schuette Metals because we treat each project, each customer as a unique opportunity. That means whether your project is large, like the assembly of large-scale marine barges or small like the crafting of custom fixtures, Schuette Metals has the flexibility, skill and scale to handle a wide range of projects. It's not unusual to find projects on our floor that combine laser-cutting, stamping, bending, welding, grinding, assembly and finishing. All backed by exacting quality assurance. . .

. . . at least that's what our customers say:

“For example, we have some very large conveyors that we built and we like to put safety fences around them. So we allowed Schuette to build them. Their engineers collaboratted with us and made an appropriate safety fence for our application. They engineered, manufactured, and supplied it. We also do a lot of drawings that come from Europe. In those cases, we have dimensions that are metric which need to be converted to imperial dimensions and thicknesses to translate properly for the manufacturing process. Schuette's engineering staff takes full responsibility for that and makes everything come out just right . . . and we have not had a 'fit up' issue to date and we have worked with them on this for more than two years.” - Chis Laska, Senior Product Engineer, Voith-Meri Environmental Solutions

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