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Removing complexity from complex metal fabrication

Consistently manufacturing complex parts for the architectural industry or an OEM is a matter of the four Ps:

  • Partnership
  • Planning
  • Process
  • Price


The successful fabrication of complex parts works best when the customer enters a partnership with the fabricator. In fact, it is really in the customer's best interest.

Our team frequently becomes involved in the beginning stages of the project, long before any production begins. This early participation eliminates the risk in downstream operations, such as tolerance stack up. The quantifiable result of this early participation is a savings in production cost and lead-time.


Taking a part from concept to product requires a total effort. At Schuette Metals, our planning process goes beyond traditional customer contact/project manager roles. Your complex part receives maximum involvement in the planning stage. Manufacturing engineers, quality staff, project leads, and even machine operators all participate to understand the part implementations. Therefore, when the part is ready for fabrication, all issues are resolved.


Schuette Metals uses advance product quality planning (APQP). This in-depth approach to fabricating your product uncovers and minimizes issues from every possible aspect of the manufacturing process. That means your parts are project ready the first time and every time. You can learn more about our process here.


Customers of Schuette Metals receive a quality product. More than that, customers can count on receiving that product at a competitive price. How?

It starts with partnership, planning and process. These p-words allow us to manufacture parts more efficiently, saving you time and dollars. We also provide value-added benefits others cannot. Learn more about the Schuette Metals difference. Contact us today!

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