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Of All the Metal Fabricators, Which One Will Reduce Your Risk?

Schuette Metals received an order on a Thursday. The parts needed to ship the next day. Schuette engineers discovered some weld symbols that were not correct. They contacted the customer, shared what they found with the customer’s engineer and offered a solution. The customer's engineer agreed and Schuette's people worked with him to make changes, getting the parts out and meet the next day deadline.

As an OEM, you take on considerable risk to bring a product to market. Will it work properly? Will it be on time? Will it be within or under budget? What metal fabricator will partner with you to REDUCE YOUR RISK?

Schuette Metals.

According to Richard Holdren, PE and Vice President of Applications Technologies Company, Schuette Metals ranks in the top ten percent of metal fabricators.

Schuette Metals backs up its claims:

  • Our engineers discovered a serious flaw on a part for a defense contractor. We offered a way to improve the part, saving them five weeks, money and future headaches.

  • A “make-to-order” OEM needed a way to be more competitive when bidding projects. We suggested a process by which Schuette Metals would prefabricate generic parts to a certain point and then finish the parts to exact specifications allowing for more flexibility while improving “Just-in-Time” capabilities.

  • A large-part OEM had to have a project ready for installation on a job site in ten weeks. Normally this could require up to 12 weeks. We worked with the OEM, provided status updates daily and delivered the project when required while maintaining our high level of quality.

Schuette Metals finds solutions to your manufacturing challenges including:

  • Reducing costs – We use a skilled workforce effectively and efficiently by training employees on the latest equipment and techniques. This allows us to allocate labor where needed and use machines where technology can do better.

  • Using the latest technology – We invested in the latest technology to reduce costs on redundant projects while improving quality.

  • Making precision parts – Efficiency is one thing, but combining efficiency with an environment that protects your products from damage separates us from other metal fabricators. From raw materials stored in a climate-controlled environment to layout of each workstation, Schuette Metals guarantees quality parts the first time.

Reduce your company’s risk. Discover why Schuette Metals leads the way in metal fabrication.

See what customers and industry experts say about Schuette Metals.

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