No process is perfect.

However, we always make every effort to eliminate issues before the project ever gets to the production line. In fact, we use the time during the estimating process to identify potential issues with the customer-provided drawing. These include issues with tolerance and quality.

However, we go beyond the obvious to find cost improvements that save time and money for you. You receive this information immediately, whether a signed agreement is in place or not. Other companies may wait.

We don't.

Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Our focus is on collaboration while fabricating a quality product.

Each team breaks down the part based upon area of responsibility. Breaking things down to this level ensures concerns based upon the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA). FMEA is addressed prior to manufacturing.



Some of the essential tools we use originated with the U.S. military. FMEA is no different.

FMEA, as a process analysis tool, is common. Following an FMEA approach provides continuous reviews determining any conceivable failures in a service or product, a design, or a manufacturing process.

The seriousness of a potential failure determines the priority for its consideration. How often would this failure happen and is it easy to spot establishes where it lands on the priority scale.

By always documenting what the FMEA program finds, we improve our processes. Using our experiences, we work towards stopping failures before they happen.

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Failure Modes and Effects Analysis