At Schuette Metals, we set the pace with our cutting equipment. From aluminum to high-strength steel, we bring innovative solutions for diverse material needs using advanced technology, including our newly upgraded 15K plasma cutters and our soon-to-be-launched 20K plasma cutter.

Optimized CNC Cutting Technology

Our cutting department is distinguished by its use of CNC-controlled equipment that uses offline programming, ensuring superior accuracy and consistency in our work. Our dedicated team of professionals is skilled in handling several materials, always delivering quality work customized to your needs.

Material Dimensions

  • Thickness: We can cut materials of thicknesses up to 1 inch, adapting to a range of industrial requirements.
  • Length: Our advanced cutting machines handle materials with lengths of up to 16 feet, catering to diverse project scopes.

Advanced Plasma Cutting Capabilities

Our metal cutting services are significantly enhanced with our 15k plasma cutter, promising more precision and versatility than ever before. We are also thrilled to announce the forthcoming addition of our 20k plasma cutter, poised to redefine industry standards regarding efficiency and precision.

Beyond that, we are extending our capabilities by adding a self-contained plasma cutter to our portfolio of cutting tools. This compact yet powerful cutter will enable us to deliver faster, more efficient services for our valued clients.

Laser and Plasma Cutting Process

Laser and plasma-cutting processes are at the heart of our services. Leveraging these advanced technologies, we can cut various metals with unparalleled precision. Both laser and plasma technologies ensure a high-quality finish, smooth edges, and precise shapes, making them perfect for any metalwork project, no matter how complex.

Choose Schuette Metals for all your metal-cutting needs. Experience the difference in quality and precision with our advanced CNC and plasma cutting services. Contact us today to learn more or to request a quote.


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Schuette Metals Bystronic Cutting Machine