Do you know any metal fabrication companies that provide machining services? Metal fabrication companies do not vary their machining services, and every company offers the same machining services as every other, not to mention those companies.

Were your questions answered when you read those equipment lists? Were any of the equipment listed described in any way other than a vague description or brand name?

Our machining departments employ CNC machinery to produce many intricate parts from aluminum to high-strength steel. All of our machinery is CNC controlled and includes offline programming.

Material Dimensions

  • Thicknesses up to 1-inch
  • Lengths up to 16 feet

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about milling machines and lathes? We answer a couple dozen common questions in this FAQ page.

Why choose Schuette Metals?

Although we provide the same services using similar machines as all the other firms, we have two advantages: offline programming and machining under one roof. Because every project receives offline programming, we supply personnel with comprehensive instructions. Offline programming improves quality, accuracy, and speed. Because we perform all tasks in-house, there's no lost time in production schedules.

Milling Machines

A milling machine uses an axis to rotate a cutting tool while the material remains still, allowing precision work when necessary. We don't touch the material again during the process.

Using a multi-axis machine is an improvement over other CNC tools. The advantages of multi-axis milling machines include: 

Cutting with fewer passes, creating a better finish
Increase tool life, quality, and accuracy
The ability to handle complex parts, allowing you to get precisely what you need when you need it

Turret Lathes

We use a turret lathe when many duplicates have to be manufactured, completed in a single pass when fitting and configuring a tool on a lathe. A turret lathe reduces human labor and time demands when many machining options require different equipment.

We do all machining at Schuette from pre- and post-welding horizontal machining, lowering expenses and lead times.

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