Curtain Walls, Embeds, & More!

Architectural projects demand precision and flexibility when hidden problems appear. Schuette Metals takes care of both of those situations. Whether your project is large or you're working on a unique challenge, take advantage of our capabilities and services.

The Schuette Advantage

Schuette is a trusted partner providing complex products and components for large scale and unique architectural buildings.

Advanced Technology Equipment

You won't find our advanced equipment in smaller metal fabrication shops. Our market diversity allows us to purchase equipment primarily for OEM high-volume parts.

Still, our low volume/project architectural customers take advantage of the speed and accuracy of the same equipment.

Size Doesn't Matter

Structural steel fabricators are often only interested in heavyweight structural steel projects, and too small of a metal fabricator may lack the quality systems and equipment technology. At Schuette metals, we are ISO certified with a comprehensive quality system. All welders are D1.1 qualified, and we have a certified welding instructor (CWI) on staff.

All bent parts are 3D modeled, programmed offline, then downloaded by the press brake operator on the shop floor.

In this system, three people verify part accuracy before making a single part.

Advanced Scheduling & Capacity Planning

If we say we can't complete a project in the timeframe requested, it's not because we are guessing.

We use Advanced Scheduling Software combined with weekly meetings between scheduling, production, and human resources to stay ahead of the dynamics affecting on-time shipping.

So, when we say, "Yes, we can hit your requested ship date," there is confidence in our commitment.

Collaborative Engineering

We assign project engineers to architectural projects. Sometimes you need a part, that's it, we can do that. However, how helpful would a dedicated project engineer at your vendor be if you're a project engineer on a building project? The project engineer to project engineer partnerships we build with architectural customers allow us to understand the expectations and requirements next-level.

Projects Include

  • Specialty metal parts
  • Tube and pan style embeds (related articles here and here)
  • Carbon steel and aluminum anchors
  • Curtain wall support steel (related articles here and here)
  • Various custom tubes
  • Custom stainless fabrication and assembly

We specialize in the construction of standard and face slab embeds. Embedded steel plates connected to curtain wall systems, elevator rails, structural steel framing, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components, façades, steel or precast stairs.

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View of skyscrapers from street level with examples of architectural embeds