Lead Time and Logistics

Finishing your products quicker helps when competing in such a fast-changing manufacturing market. Using Schuette's Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) strategy reduces lead times in every aspect of manufacturing operations.

The concept of QRM is a strategy of cutting lead times in all aspects of manufacturing operations. When implemented, a QRM program provides:

  • 95% reduction of lead times
  • 30% reduction of the finished product cost
  • 60% improvement in on-time delivery
  • 80% reduction of rework and scrap
Project Management

Receiving your projects in time is a vital piece in your production and distribution schedules.

If there's a hiccup with one of your vendors resulting in late delivery, then complications occur.

Inventory reduces fluctuations in your business model. Three factors influence your inventory: suppliers, production, and customers.

Your day becomes complicated if:

  • Your supplier is late for delivery
  • There's a mechanical breakdown
  • Your customer orders unexpected quantities

The solution? Our project management tools. Schuette Metals provides accurate lead times for you to uncomplicate your inventory. Our project management agility means the components you need arrive just in time for your project.

Faster Lead Times

We use several tools for faster and more effective lead time in manufacturing your project. Some of these tools include:

  • EDI/Automated Order Entry
  • Advanced Ship Notices (ASN)
  • Racking systems for shipping

Schuette Metals always streamlines processes simplifying complicated situations.




Lead Time and Logistics