Construction Equipment

Have you ever watched a sporting event where an athlete's shoe breaks down? It's quite a shock and disappointment.

Now imagine that same scenario where a similar failure occurs to a heavy equipment operator. Construction equipment failure isn't a sporting event; it's real-world, and every minute your machine is down, you're losing money and falling behind schedule.

Fabrication Efficiency

We continually streamline our fabrication process, which saves us valuable time and money that's passed along to you.

Our efficiency standards are higher than most, giving you what you need with the quality you expect in a shorter amount of time.

Services Provided

Schuette Metals' reputation is the cumulative result of three decades of service to leading construction manufacturers.

We provide:

  • Exposed sheet metal
  • Internal structural components
  • Attachments for bulldozers, skid steers, wheel loaders, and backhoes

We make things easy for you by providing full assembly. Your components are ready for installation upon delivery.

The number of welding certifications we hold meets our customer's specifications.

Need heavy-duty customized fabricating? Let us know!
Schuette Metals Construction Equipment Fabrication