Custom Fixturing

Our custom fixturing capabilities set Schuette Metals apart from most metal fabrication companies. What may take other companies months, we accomplish in days or weeks!

When Schuette Metals accepts a fabrication project requiring a high quantity of complex welding, we build a custom fixture. The build-time for fabricating our custom fixtures in-house is exponentially faster than contracting with a third-party vendor.

Designing and fabricating a custom fixture in-house is substantially less expensive than purchasing it from an outside source. With our ability to design customized fixtures for each fabrication project, we ensure the correct position for every component.

A well-designed fixturing system helps our welders consistently place components correctly, ensuring each unit produced is identical to the last one.

Considering the importance of fixturing in various operations, you'll see it has a critical role in the metal fabrication production processes. Yet, as important as it is, many manufacturing companies are reluctant to use any custom fixturing systems for fear of being unable to produce the same quality level as they would from an outside source, the time involved in developing the custom fixtures, and the expense.

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