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Industries We Partner With 

Schuette Metals is a metal fabricator producing parts for OEMs and manufacturing sectors, such as architectural, agricultural, construction, defense, industrial, and accessibility equipment. These companies have relied on us as a favored supplier for years.


Access Equipment

Schuette Metals has been providing structural weldments (both finished and unfinished) from start to finish for nearly 20 years. Read on...

All Ag-Related

For almost 30 years, Schuette Metals has produced and finished exposed components, internal structural components, and attachments for prominent agricultural equipment manufacturers. Learn more...


Curtain Walls, Embeds, & More

Achieving the desired result with minimal fuss is what Schuette Metals is all about. We take care of both the precision and versatility required for architectural projects. We break this out further, here.



Schuette Metals has established itself as a leading supplier of fabricated metal products through its nearly three decades of cooperation with construction industry leaders. We constantly improve our fabrication process, saving us time and money, which we then pass on to you. Read on...


Schuette Metals manufactures production and aftermarket parts for many defense vehicles, including exterior exposed sheet metal components, interior structural components, and bracketry. Learn more...

Industrial Equipment

From beginning to end, Schuette Metals provides total system integration for multi-coolers, mixers, and large industrial conveyors. We manufacture, assemble, plumb, and install electrical wiring for these machines. Read on...



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