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We're not your typical fabrication shop. Schuette Metals delivers complete metal fabrication and finishing for any size projects.

Quality isn't just a marketing concept for us; it's our hallmark. We aren't the only ones who think that. You'll find parts we fabricated in projects such as the Hudson Yards in Manhattan, Chicago's Trump Tower, JLTV/M-ATV/FMTV military vehicles, and heavy-duty dozer tractors. Schuette Metals provides you with high-quality parts combined with levels of service and communication, something seldom experienced in the industry.

Working at Schuette Metals

As a leading metal fabricator, Schuette Metals manufactures components used in finished products by a variety of global OEMs in sectors that include architectural, agricultural, construction, defense, industrial, and access equipment.

We have experienced several expansions and manufactured parts for global OEMs that have continued to rely on us as a preferred supplier over the years

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We focus on the value of quality and exceptional customer care and utilize several programs to ensure quality preventing mistakes before they happen. 

Our staff of experience engineers and project managers work closely with our clients improving drawings, providing the best lead times, and building long-lasting relationships.

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We have a long history of being the preferred supplier to the leading businesses serving the defense, industrial equipment, agricultural, access equipment, and architectural industries.

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Schuette Metals is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to seeking out the best and most qualified candidates available. Please take note of the application process. You could be the next addition to the Schuette Metals Team!

We value and reward innovation, determination and teamwork and we offer great career opportunities in technical areas such as welding, machining and engineering. We also provide challenging opportunities in the areas of production supervision, customer service and administration.

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E-Coat vs A-Coat: the Tale of the Tape!

E-Coat vs A-Coat: the Tale of the Tape!

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