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Schuette Metals: 

A Better Fabricator

We're not your typical metal fabrication business. 

Schuette Metals provides complete metal fabrication and finishing in Wisconsin and beyond for any job. Quality is more than a marketing slogan; it's how we do business!

You'll find parts we created for projects such as the Hudson Yards in Manhattan, the Trump Tower in Chicago, the JLTV/M-ATV/FMTV military vehicles, and bulldozer tractors, among others.

With Schuette Metals, you will receive high-quality components and exceptional service and communication, which is rarely offered in the sector. 

Working at Schuette Metals

Schuette Metals is a prominent metal fabricator producing components used in finished items manufactured by worldwide OEMs in various sectors, including architectural, agricultural, construction, defense, industrial, and accessibility equipment.

These OEMs over the years have continuously relied on us as a preferred supplier. 


We focus on providing quality and exceptional client service and use several programs to prevent mistakes before they occur.

Our expert engineers and project managers work with our clients to improve drawings, provide the best lead times, and build long-term relationships. 

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We have a long history of being the preferred supplier to leading businesses serving the defense, industrial, agricultural, access, and architectural sectors.

Join our Schuette Metals Team Today.

Schuette Metals is an equal opportunity employer seeking the finest and most qualified job seekers. Please review the hiring procedure. 

You may be a future member of the Schuette Metals workforce! 

We value and recognize the drive and determination of great people pursuing welding, machining, and engineering openings.

Besides demanding positions in production, we also feature supervision, customer service, and administration opportunities. 

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