Schuette has laser, plasma, and oxyfuel capabilities all performed in-house with advanced, comprehensive equipment. All programming is done in-house through CAD-CAM technology, allowing for faster setup times and reducing the risk of human error.

Equipment List


  • Bystronic Fiber Laser 6 kW: 60” × 120” tables
  • Bystronic Fiber Laser 15 kW: 60” × 120” tables
  • (3) Bystronic CO2 Lasers 4,400W: 60” × 120” Table w/39 Station Linked Load Tower
  • 250 Cassette Automated Material Handling System

Burn/Flame Cutting

  • ESAB CNC Plasma/Oxy fuel Burn Table w/ 1-head 600-amp M3 Plasma Cutting Torch, 2-head Oxy Fuel
  • (2) Water Tables: 10’ × 20’, Cutting Capacity to 8” Thick

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Schuette Metals Bystronic Cutting Machine