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schuette metals at business expo"We want to hire and keep the best employees. You can have all the buildings and the equipment in the world, but if you don't have people working in the facility, then it doesn't do you much good."John Peterson, President of Schuette Metals, Inc.

Schuette Metals is staffed by an impressive employee team of seasoned professionals and newly trained technicians. We are always on the lookout for candidates to help us achieve our aggressive corporate goals and value working in a family-oriented, employee-friendly environment.

Schuette Metals is an equal opportunity employer dedicated to seeking out the best and most qualified candidates available.

At Schuette Metals, we value our employees and offer various paths for extra training and education.

Because of our dedication to skills-based training, everybody in Schuette's training program receives mentoring regularly.

We offer two weeks of extra training a year for workers on the shop floor going beyond mandatory training.

Current Openings

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