Access Equipment

Component Fabrication

Schuette Metals has the experience and know-how to fabricate various aerial platform components, including:

  • Boom Pivots
  • Brackets and Flanges
  • Hood Mounts
  • Jack Brackets
  • Jib Pivots
  • Kits: Finished and Unfinished
  • Rear Axle Pivot Points
  • Various Covers and Panels

Access Equipment

Here's a partial list of access equipment we work with:

  • Engine Powered Boom Lifts
  • Order Pickers
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Stock Pickers
  • Telehandlers
  • Vertical Lifts

JLG Lift

What are Boom Lifts?

Boom lifts are a type of aerial lift that possesses a base and a boom arm for maneuverability. These boom lifts are incredibly versatile, as the working platforms are at the end of the arm, providing access to many isolated areas and used in the construction and repair industries.

The elevated work platform allows workers to access difficult-to-reach areas without ladders or scaffolding. In addition, although boom lifts transport materials and personnel, they aren’t meant for heavy-duty jobs, as their purpose is quick access to elevated areas. 

Industrial lift platforms are another kind of aerial lift often found in industrial warehouses and factories. These lifts provide a great way for workers to access hard-to-reach places or heights. Depending on their purpose, industrial lift platforms can come in forms such as scissor lifts, vertical mast lifts, order pickers, and personnel lifts. 

Finally, aerial lifts refers to any elevating work platform providing high access to areas. Aerial lifts come in various shapes and sizes, from small single-person baskets to large booms with working platforms that can hold several people simultaneously.

Where are Boom Lifts Used?

What are the most common uses for boom lifts?

  • Painting buildings and other structures 
  • Installing and repairing telecommunications and electrical systems 
  • Pruning and trimming trees 
  • Installing and repairing signage 
  • Accessing elevated areas for cleaning and maintenance 
  • Loading and unloading materials

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