Schuette Metals Markets Served

Our Fabrication Services

At Schuette Metals, we deliver top-quality fabrication services tailored to your unique needs. Our experienced engineers and project managers work closely with clients to optimize designs, ensure the fastest lead times, and foster long-lasting partnerships. Every project undergoes meticulous inspection before production, guaranteeing superior results, and complete customer satisfaction.

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Custom Fixturing

Schuette Metals proudly manufactures all fixtures in-house, ensuring the highest quality parts and shortest lead times. Our comprehensive production process encompasses tooling, welding, assembly, and machining operations.

We also produce advanced gauging equipment for precise, consistent output.

Discover the advantages of our fixturing expertise.



Our in-house programming uses next-gen CAD-CAM technology, enabling laser, plasma, and oxyfuel capabilities.

With advanced equipment and skilled technicians, Schuette Metals minimizes setup times and reduces the risk of human error, ensuring efficient and accurate results.

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Unlike other fabricators, Schuette Metals offers a complete range of services under one roof. From sourcing materials to fabrication, specialized welding, and finishing, we handle every aspect of your project in-house.

Our specialties include e-coat/topcoat processes and CARC.

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Forming Metal

Schuette Metals provides expert punching services, using both manual and automated methods to cut through metal with unparalleled precision.

Our advanced machines automatically feed and punch the metal in a single operation, ensuring efficiency and accuracy.

Discover the benefits of our punching services.


While Schuette Metals offers machining services similar to other fabricators, we stand out for two reasons: all machining takes place on-site, and we use offline programming.

This approach results in higher quality, improved accuracy, and faster turnaround times.

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Finding a reliable industrial welding partner can be challenging, but Schuette Metals supports your long-term success.

We understand the unique needs of your business and offer comprehensive welding services, including design, engineering, fabrication, installation, maintenance, and repair work.

Trust Schuette Metals as your go-to industrial welding partner.