Did you know that welding is a part of half of all products in the United States? If somebody asked you to define welding, what would you say?

Start by comparing it to another way of joining two materials. Welding does the same thing as sewing, except with electricity.

In short, welding repairs or creates metal structures by joining pieces of metal through various fusion processes. This process usually uses a form of heat.

The process of welding isn't new. It's been around for centuries.

Archaeologists agree that welding was an accident, like champagne. Some caveman name Zorg hammered two pure metals together into a shape and kept at it.

Here's a brief welding history lesson.

  • Bronze Age: The earliest examples of welding were forge welding on gold boxes. The Egyptians were among the first to create tools by welding iron
  • Middle Ages: blacksmiths came of age, making several types of tools. These techniques didn't change until the 1800s.
  • 1800s: using an open flame allowed smiths to create intricate tools and equipment.
  • 1800: Sir Humphrey Davy invented a battery-operated tool producing an arc between carbon electrodes.
  • 1836: Acetylene discovered by Edmund Daly
  • 1881: Auguste De Meritens fused lead plates using arc welding.
  • Around 1890: C.L. Coffin earned a US patent for metal electrode welding

Between 1881 and 1919 witnessed the development of many welding processes including:

  • Arc welding
  • Flash butt welding
  • Projection welding
  • Seam welding
  • Spot welding
  • Welding with stick electrodes

1919: the American Welding Society (AWS) established advancing the welding process.

Welding the Schuette Way

As you continue your search through the internet for metal fabrication services, you'll read pages devoted to welding.

Most competitors express their welding excellence as a leading welding company. We can't argue that most of those companies earned their reputations as excellent service providers.

We know that we exceed their quality and we prove it.

We're always improving our welding process by requiring all new hires to complete Schuette's Welding Academy.

Run by our full-time certified welding instructor, the academy is required for all new hires regardless of their training or certifications. This training protects new hires from starting from scratch on a production line. The Welding Academy ensures our new hires welding meets our high-quality standard.

The academy also provides continuous training and advancements for our employees.

Schuette's three different welding departments work on a variety of alloys and thickness. We have:

  • Six robotic welding cells
  • Repetitive welding
  • Custom fabrication welding


Schuette Metals is one of the founding members of the Central Wisconsin Metal Manufactures Alliance (CWIMMA).

Founded in 2016, CWIMMA is a non-profit organization to increase educational and career awareness in welding, fabricating, machining, and manufacturing trades.

It's essential highlighting to our future welders and fabricators what's available after high school. Schuette is committed to educating the next generation.

Each year, the organization holds a welding competition for area high school students using virtual reality. The over 60 CWIMMA members contribute over $30,000 in scholarship and thousands of dollars of prizes awarded at the annual banquet.

What can Schuette Metals do for you today?