Architectural projects demand precision and flexibility when hidden problems appear. Schuette Metals takes care of both of those situations. Whether your project is large or you're working on a unique challenge, take advantage of our capabilities and services.

Schuette is a trusted partner providing complex products, including AESS, and components for large scale and unique architectural buildings.

Typical products include

  • Specialty metal parts
  • Tube and pan style embeds
  • Carbon steel and aluminum anchors
  • Curtain wall support steel
  • Aluminum fascia panels
  • Brake metal door portals
  • Various custom tubes
  • Custom stainless fabrication and assembly

We specialize in the construction of standard and face slab embeds. Embedded steel plates connected to curtain wall systems, elevator rails, structural steel framing, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components, facades, steel or precast stairs.

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From embeds to custom tubes, we can help
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