Manufacturing equipment is a puzzle requiring many pieces coming together for a complete picture. Sometimes, though, you need help putting pieces together.

Component Assembly

At Schuette Metals, our job doesn't end with fabrication or finishing. We assemble your customized fabricated parts into sub-assemblies ready for final assembly.

For reducing shipping damage, we use Kanban returnable racks regularly.

You can't overstate the benefits of having a complete component assembly system from design to assembly. We provide the amount of assembly you need when you need it.

Using Schuette for assembly means that you:

  • Don't have to gear or staff your production line
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs
  • Have components ready for immediate delivery
  • Save production space and operation costs
  • You're able to expand incrementally

Contact us to learn more about Schuette Metals' assembly capabilities.

How Can Schuette Metals Help Us?