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A Better Approach to Embeds Speeds Construction

Not all curtain wall embeds or other fabricated architectural products are created equal. These parts, hidden beneath the glass facade, hold the glass exterior in place. However, some embeds do more than hold the glass. These parts actually create jobsite delays. Jobsite delays occur when embeds delivered to the site require additional preparation prior to installation.

Schuette Metals, a full-service fabricator for the architectural industry, has a solution.

We eliminate these time wasters by asking the right questions up front. These questions include the type of part for each application, location (by floor and part), lift-gate or dock requirements and other site-specific questions. Here are some recent projects in which our products are/were used.

We assemble the required components for embeds in a controlled environment. Agreements with carriers ensure fast, cost-effective shipping. Parts arrive in easy open, protective packaging. Once onsite, the construction crew receives fully assembled embeds in containers labeled by floor location. Each part is labeled with its part number. This eliminates time, confusion and reduces cost. The end-result is a faster, more accurate installation eliminating costly delays.

Prep work done onsite wastes valuable time. Schuette Metals can help. Contact a Schuette representative today and learn more about pre-assembled embeds or other architectural products.

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