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The number of processes used determines the level of involvement. Projects using multiple processes (i.e. laser cutting, forming, machining, welding, painting, etc.) require a team approach to ensure an accurate quote. We involve manufacturing engineers, project managers, quality staff, and even machine operators. Each delivers a unique perspective critical to fabricating a quality part.

No process is perfect. However, we always make every effort to eliminate issues before the project ever gets to the production line. In fact, we use the time during the estimating process to identify potential issues with the customer-provided drawing. These can include issues with tolerance and quality. However, we go beyond the obvious to find cost improvements that save time and money for the customer. The customer receives this information immediately, whether a signed agreement is in place or not. Other companies may wait. We do not because our focus is on collaboration and fabricating a quality product.

The real work begins once the customer accepts the quote. This triggers an internal tech review. It involves every team responsible for that part's success. Each team breaks down the part based upon area of responsibility. Breaking the fabrication down to this level ensures concerns based upon the Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FEMA) is addressed prior to manufacturing.

The project moves to the "alpha" phase to fabricate a test part. We have quality gates at every point of this phase, proving out our overall process to validate every assumption to this point is accurate.

When satisfied the end result is a conforming part, all the data is documented and put into work instructions. This provides operators with a starting point to work to. Any new process changes also go into the work order. Finally, a production part approval process (PPAP) document is issued, confirming the ability to create a conforming part.

Your part is ready for production and shipment to your facility. Learn more how we can deliver a quality complex part every time for your company. Contact a representative now.

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