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Schuette Metals Capabilities

Full-Service Capability to Tackle a Variety of Metal Fabricating Projects

When discussing capabilities, most metal fabricators talk in terms of equipment. Schuette Metals has some of the industry’s cutting-edge technology as you will note below. But it’s the intangible capabilities that separate us from run-of-the-mill metal fabricators. Ask yourself, “Do I get these kind of capabilities from other metal fabricators?”

  • On-staff Certified Welding Inspector to ensure welding quality

  • Proactive manufacturing engineers able to:
    • Offer improved drawing suggestions
    • Provide support for your engineering staff

  • High level of communications – quick response times to:
    • Answer questions
    • Deliver quotes
    • Give status and delivery updates

  • Offer flexibility in terms of:
    • Manufacturing parts to a certain degree of completion and inventorying it until needed to reduce lead time
    • Packaging and delivery of products

In addition, Schuette Metals has the comprehensive machine capabilities and problem-solving approach to get the job done right. Extensive use of CNC equipment improves speed and quality to ensure competitive pricing and lead times. CAD/CAM/CIM software makes manufacturing more efficient by sending 2D and 3D designs and data directly to CNC equipment on the floor via an office-to-shop computer network.

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Advanced Capabilities

  • “Lights out” laser cutting helps your company save money on shorter runs by reducing setups and adding smaller jobs with larger ones.

  • Welding capabilities across a broad spectrum of metal thicknesses including high strength steel to meet all of your metal fabricating needs.

  • Offline bend programming that reduces set-up time and test bends, making your projects move through the process quickly saving you time and money.

  • EDI/automated order entry that allows for faster, more efficient scheduling of your projects.

  • MRP/nesting turns scheduling on its ear. Your project no longer waits because it may be a shorter run. Priority planning ensures smooth operation by loading jobs and filling holes in schedules to makes all projects run more efficiently.

  • Schuette Metals engineering team will get involved in part collaberation to help your engineering staff make adjustments on the fly meaning a line will not shut down while waiting for changes to be made.

  • Offline inspection software ensures quality parts from beginning to delivery

Flexible manufacturing cells provide metal components that meet your expectations.

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