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Partnership Opportunity Reduces OEM Risk

As an OEM company, you already outsource the fabrication of parts to trusted suppliers. If not, it is likely you are considering doing so. The benefits of using suppliers to fabricate parts are many provided the supplier has the ability to:

  • Fabricate complex parts
  • Reduce risk
  • Take the project from concept to completion
  • Control the paint
  • Provide value-added services.

Our engineers along with the entire Schuette Metals team strictly adhere to Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) and continuous improvement processes. Every aspect of the project is reduced to the smallest component, ensuring as the project moves toward production potential issues are eliminated. The goal is a conforming part, the first time and every time.

Few companies have the ability to take parts from concept to finished product. This includes applying the finish. Schuette Metals not only fabricates the parts, it also controls the paint with state-of-the-art finishing capability. Our capabilities include basic powder finishing all the way to elaborate e-coat/top coat on single line using high tech finishes designed to reduce corrosion even in the harshest of conditions.

Finally, value-added services including component assembly, intelligent material handling and leveraging shipping add up to the delivery of a quality and competitive product.

As an OEM, your product is always in the spotlight. Use a fabricator able to deliver the quality you expect. Request a quote for your next project today.

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