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20 thru 11 most read 2020 fab Times articles

Thank you written in penWelcome to Part 2 of our year-end recap of the most read articles on Fab Times.

Your continued support of our efforts is amazing. On behalf of Schuette Metals, thank you!

Number 20 to 11

#20 most read article of 2020 The Transformative and Destructive Nature of Rust

Rust is a natural process, occurring with or without our help. Finding smart ways of working around it, however, is the only option remaining.

#19 most read article of 2020 How Curtain Wall Systems Help Prevent Catastrophes

When meeting all fire codes and working with fire suppression systems, Curtain Wall Systems decrease the odds of catastrophic building failures.

#18 most read article of 2020 The Advent of Gas Welding Advanced Welding's Importance

Welding with gas became the first step away from forge welding. However, it appeared just in time to help shipbuilders during World War One

#17 most read article of 2020 How Do Companies Test the Strength of Their Topcoat?

Using a gravelometer test, under SAE J400 standards, creates a fair comparison between different topcoats supplied by different finishers.

#16 most read article of 2020 Is Lean Manufacturing What You Think It Is?

Manufacturers are pressured to be efficient and eliminate waste. Applying Lean Integration methodologies to automation relieves pressure by preventing mistakes

#15 most read article of 2020 The Strategy and Benefits of Using QRM

Reducing waste cuts manufacturing time. Consider Quick Response Manufacturing. QRM helps reduce costs and increases customer satisfaction.

#14 most read article of 2020 Theory and Strengths of Advanced Product Quality Planning

Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP): a structured approach to standardize quality requirements for manufacturers to design products satisfying customers.

#13 most read article of 2020 CARC: the Impervious Nature of an Important Paint

CARC is a paint applied to military vehicles and ensures their metal surfaces remain resistant to oxidation and puncturing by chemical or biological agents.

#12 most read article of 2020 4 Methods of Anodizing—a Protective Metal Coating

Anodizing is an excellent solution for protecting metal because of the adhesion offered. It doesn't flake or lose its luster, making it a favorite for many industries.

#11 most read article of 2020 The Concealed Safety of Curtain Walls  

Increased environmental awareness and stringent government regulations increased demand for green buildings, and Curtain Wall Systems have a lot to offer.

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