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Dave Manney
Dave Manney

For nearly 30 years, Dave Manney has written professionally as a journalist, copy editor, technical writer/illustrator, and content marketing. Dave has written about many aspects of manufacturing, including electric motors, VFDs, predictive and preventative maintenance, metal fabrication, protective metal coatings, and more!

He belives that Bigfoot is not only real, but spectacular!

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MIG Welding's Wonderful Impact on Metal Fabrication and Manufacturing

Learn about the significance of MIG Welding in metal fabrication and manufacturing processes.

Powder Coating or Painting: Making the Best Choice for Your Project

Make an informed decision between powder coating and painting for your project. Explore durability, surface preparation, and paint durability comparison.

Ensuring Component Reliability is the Critical Role PPAPs Play in Metal Fab

PPAPs play a critical role in metal fabrication, enhancing product quality and reducing risks associated with defects and failures.

Do Embedded Curtain Walls Improve Rooms in Building Construction?

Discover the impact of room areas on architectural embed curtain walls in construction.

In the Mighty World of Manufacturing, How Eco-Friendly is Powder Coating?

Discover Eco-Friendly Powder Coating: Reducing VOC emissions and waste, it's revolutionizing painting for a greener future.

The Best Way of Fighting Corrosion is to Learn More About It!

Corrosion is a $1 Billion problem with many causes. Learning how corrosion occurs is the best way to solve the problem.

Welding and Mustard Gas: 2 Things More Closely Related Than You Think

Learn about the risks of chlorinated brake cleaner in welding and safe alternatives for metal cleaning. Start with using non-chlorinated brake cleaners!

Want to extend the lifespan of metal? Educate Yourself on Rust!

Metal fabricators use effective strategies to protect their projects from rust and corrosion, extending service life and maintaining functionality.

Navigating the Stars: How ERP Platforms Streamline Manufacturing Operations

Unlock the potential of ERP platforms in manufacturing. Discover their evolution, advantages, cost insights, and future versions.

Helping to Unveil the Nobile Art and Might of Complex Metal Fabrication.

Explore the world of Complex Metal Fabrication, from basics to cutting-edge techniques, welding art, CAD/CAM applications, and quality control methods.

Revolutionizing Manufacturing Quality Testing Using LIDAR

Explore the innovative use of LIDAR technology in manufacturing for high-precision quality testing, its benefits, challenges, and future trends.

Curtain Walls: Understanding this admired and covert aspect of architecture.

Explore the intricacies of Curtain Wall design, its types, performance aspects, and its role in energy efficiency.

Unleashing Potential: The Role of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in Manufacturing Facilities

Explore the transformative role of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) in manufacturing, their various types, advantages, challenges, and future trends.

Welding Smarter, Not Harder: Tips and Tricks for Banishing Inefficiency Gremlins

Eliminate the gremlins of inefficiency by learning to streamline welding from start to finish, saving time and costs through smarter material use.

Shaping the Modern World: How Welding Catalyzed Advancements Across Industries

A comprehensive perspective on how this integral fabrication, welding, process has transformed human civilization.

Welding's Enduring Legacy: Its Pivotal Role in Human Progress

Explore the transformation of Welding in the modern age. Discover how advancements have improved efficiency, reduced waste, and enhanced safety.

Countering 10 Myths about Robotic Welding

Uncover the truth behind robotic welding as we debunk 10 common myths. Discover its benefits, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

Maximize Melt-Off Rates: Why Welding Wire Matters for Increasing Arc Efficiency.

Learn how Welding Wire drastically improves melt-off rates and arc efficiency.

A Comprehensive Guide to 5-Axis CNC Machining.

Discover the untapped potential of 5-Axis CNC Machining. Unleash innovation with superior precision, efficiency, and versatility.

How Offline Programming Takes Metal Fabrication to the Next Level

Uncover Offline Programming's role in metal fabrication. Learn its advantages in efficiency, accuracy, and cost-savings and elevate your manufacturing.