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Dave Manney
Dave Manney

For nearly 30 years, Dave Manney has written professionally as a journalist, copy editor, technical writer/illustrator, and content marketing. Dave has written about many aspects of manufacturing, including electric motors, VFDs, predictive and preventative maintenance, metal fabrication, protective metal coatings, and more!

He belives that Bigfoot is not only real, but spectacular!

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Understanding Importance of Kitting in the Manufacturing Process

Kitting is one term that may not be as well-known outside of manufacturers, but plays an important role in production.

2 Gases Common in Manufacturing Create Scary Air

For many reasons, manufacturing plants are inherently dangerous, but combining two gases raises the stakes.

Understanding the Foundry Casting Process and Why It Is Important

Casting Metal is very hard to master and time-consuming. Pouring into the mold is difficult; mistakes result in lost time and money.

Robotic Technology is Swiftly Changing the Logistics Industry

Logistics is essential to any company's operation, as it involves transporting raw materials. Robotic technology is key to revolutionizing things end-to-end.

APQP and FMEA: Two ways of mitigating risk factors in your manufacturing process.

Franklin's famous quote, "if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail," especially plays true for manufacturing. It's almost like he knew about FMEA and APQP!

Fabricating Exotic Metals? Prepare for a whole level of challenges

Fabricating Exotic Metals isn't a walk in the park. Ordinary tools and machines aren't designed to work with such difficult metals. So, companies get creative!

Top 6 Reasons Not All Engineers Accept GD&T

GD&T is a set of standardized rules & symbols helping engineers with features, tolerances, and notes. However, not all organizations follow it. Why?

The Accepted Method to Share Precise Requirements on Drawings

Communication between engineers is difficult, solved by GD&T: a language helping engineers communicate how to build parts accurately and efficiently.

What is Assist Gas, and Why Does it Matter for Laser Cutting?

Laser cutting requires the use of assist gas. Here are several gas combinations the process uses to complete this task.

What are the best shielding gases and their advantages

Shielding gas is one of the most important things you need to know when learning how to weld. Here are five common shielding gases and their advantages.

Helium Gas Worldwide shortage - did you know about it?

Did you know about the worldwide helium shortage? There are several reasons for the shortage, but the implications of dealing with less helium loom large.

Laser Welding part of Innovative Technologies

Laser welding is a manufacturing process using a CO2 laser to fuse materials. Its higher penetration rate makes it suitable for fusing thicker materials.

In-House Custom Fixturing is darned Important for any Manufacturing Process

A poorly designed fixturing system can severely hinder a manufacturing production process. A well-planned custom fixturing system can make or break it.

The Importance of Collaborative Engineering

Collaborative engineering is a method where teams of engineers and designers create products by combining the best of traditional engineering and manufacturing.

Forming Steel using a bystronic robotic press brake

It's important to keep in mind that many steel types are available on the market today. Selecting the right type is the first step before forming steel.

what are digital twins and how do they help manufacturing

The rise of the Internet of Things and the adoption of Industry 4.0 allows manufacturers to revolutionize their business.

architectural embeds interesting facts

We see different buildings everywhere. This article provides insights into architectural embeds & showcases some of the most famous buildings that use them.

E-Coating is the Best Protection for Metal Substrates

E-coating is ideal for parts that require a tough, corrosion-resistant finish. Metal regularly exposed to harsh environments are great candidates for e-coating.

Robotic Welding Systems Benefits

A robotic welding system provides greater quality control, speed, and efficiency increases productivity and reduces production costs.

Robotic Press Brakes are Simplifying the Manufacturing Process

Robotic press brakes improve accuracy, reduce, and compensate for operator error, streamlining manufacturing processes using various advanced features.