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Dave Manney
Dave Manney

For nearly 30 years, Dave Manney has written professionally as a journalist, copy editor, technical writer/illustrator, and content marketing. Dave has written about many aspects of manufacturing, including electric motors, VFDs, predictive and preventative maintenance, metal fabrication, protective metal coatings, and more!

He belives that Bigfoot is not only real, but spectacular!

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Hardfacing and cladding: What do you know about these 2 processes?

Hardfacing and cladding are similar processes often used in welding and metalworking. Along with their similarities are their differences.

A Journey Through Time: Exploring the Fascinating Evolution of FCAW

FCAW is a reliable and versatile welding process that has been around for over 70 years. Join us for a journey illustrating this popular welding method.

Sheet Metal Fabrication 101: Understanding the Basics

One of the most striking characteristics of metal fab is all its parts have the same thickness and range from the simplest to the most intricate.

How Ag-Related Equipment Is Transforming Agriculture In The 21st Century

By leveraging the latest technology and investing in the latest equipment, farmers maximize their profits while providing healthy, affordable food to consumers.

2022's Top 10 Most Read Articles!

In 2022, we published various insightful and informative articles covering various aspects of manufacturing. Read on to discover 2022's Top 10 Articles!

what are the 6 most common metal fabrication techniques and tools?

Metal fabrication involves multiple steps before producing products used in various industries to create custom pieces from raw metals or materials.

Quick Response Manufacturing: Getting the Most Out of Your Production Line

Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) is a fresh approach to products designed to streamline your production process and make it more streamlined than ever before.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Electrophoretic Coating

Electrophoretic coating has been around for over 90 years and has found a home in several industries. How much do you really know about e-coating?

Laser Cutting Is All the Rage: Here are the Different Machines Manufacturers Use

Laser cutting is a manufacturing process that is computer-controlled and produces extremely high-resolution cuts on metal, plastic, or other materials.

FCAW: A super common welding method you may not know about

FCAW has a simple learning process and is quickly performed, making it an ideal choice for quick repairs, with very high-quality welds used for many applications.


Putting a new process into place can be risky. FMEA helps identify potential risks early on and takes corrective action before they become costly issues.

The Consistent Strength and Versatility of Multi-Coolers and Sand Mixers

Fabricating multi-coolers and sand mixers are critical in many industries. Here's an overview of their fabrication and their jobs.

Some Problems Fabricators Face When Working with Fickle High-Strength Steel

High-Strength steel is a challenge for metal fabricators because traditional methods cannot process most high-strength steel.

Understanding Importance of Kitting in the Manufacturing Process

Kitting is one term that may not be as well-known outside of manufacturers, but plays an important role in production.

2 Gases Common in Manufacturing Create Scary Air

For many reasons, manufacturing plants are inherently dangerous, but combining two gases raises the stakes.

Understanding the Foundry Casting Process and Why It Is Important

Casting Metal is very hard to master and time-consuming. Pouring into the mold is difficult; mistakes result in lost time and money.

Robotic Technology is Swiftly Changing the Logistics Industry

Logistics is essential to any company's operation, as it involves transporting raw materials. Robotic technology is key to revolutionizing things end-to-end.

APQP and FMEA: Two ways of mitigating risk factors in your manufacturing process.

Franklin's famous quote, "if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail," especially plays true for manufacturing. It's almost like he knew about FMEA and APQP!

Fabricating Exotic Metals? Prepare for a whole level of challenges

Fabricating Exotic Metals isn't a walk in the park. Ordinary tools and machines aren't designed to work with such difficult metals. So, companies get creative!

Top 6 Reasons Not All Engineers Accept GD&T

GD&T is a set of standardized rules & symbols helping engineers with features, tolerances, and notes. However, not all organizations follow it. Why?