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CARC: a visionary tech's Journey - Going on 40+ Years.

Using CARC has transformed military operations, redefining strategic capabilities.

Powder Coating or Painting: Making the Best Choice for Your Project

Make an informed decision between powder coating and painting for your project. Explore durability, surface preparation, and paint durability comparison.

In the Mighty World of Manufacturing, How Eco-Friendly is Powder Coating?

Discover Eco-Friendly Powder Coating: Reducing VOC emissions and waste, it's revolutionizing painting for a greener future.

Want to extend the lifespan of metal? Educate Yourself on Rust!

Metal fabricators use effective strategies to protect their projects from rust and corrosion, extending service life and maintaining functionality.

Amp Up Your E-Coat System: The Benefits of Upgrading to High-Build

Using a High-Build E-Coat enables thicker, more protective finishes with fewer dips, and these innovative new systems provide superior corrosion resistance.

Maximizing E-Coat: A Practical Guide to Its Longevity and Defensive Qualities

Explore e-coating essentials: how it works, its various forms, where it's used, and why it outperforms conventional painting techniques.

6 troubling challenges caused by corrosion for metal fab - part 2

In this 2nd part, explore the complexities of corrosion within metal fabrication work, such as elevated material costs, slowed production, maintenance needs, and beyond.

6 corrosion challenges for metal fabricators.

Discover the intricacies of corrosion in metal fabrication projects. Uncover its challenges: material costs, production delays, and repairs.

Unlocking the Meaningful Secrets: 7 Must-Knows of Powder Coating

Discover the intricacies of powder coating: from types and application methods of curing and quality control.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Electrophoretic Coating

Electrophoretic coating has been around for over 90 years and has found a home in several industries. How much do you really know about e-coating?

E-Coating is the Best Protection for Metal Substrates

E-coating is ideal for parts that require a tough, corrosion-resistant finish. Metal regularly exposed to harsh environments are great candidates for e-coating.

Avoiding Catastrophic Corrosion

Corrosion isn’t just ugly and expensive; it’s dangerous. It challenges our safety from affected roads, buildings, and bridges. Prevention becomes essential

What's the price of a seaside metal architecture? Corrosion!

The price of architectural designs near an ocean is corrosion. Disregarding environmental factors is a costly and perhaps catastrophic mistake.

Benefits from coating architectural steel

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When powder coating architectural steel, that chain becomes much stronger by preventing oxidation.

e-coat vs a-coat_tale tape1.jpg

When comparing e-coatings to a-coatings, there's very little daylight between the two processes. Turns out, the main difference turns out to be something small.

familiarity and strength of powder coating.jpg

Powder Coating is one of the most popular methods of protecting metals. It's cheaper, lasts longer, and is environmentally friendly.

a-coating is not just a coating.jpg

The A-Coating process resembles an e-coat. Both are excellent at protecting metals, but the process is the main difference between the two.

Marvelous Alchemy Electroplating.jpg

Electric current combined with the dissolved metal cations equals Electroplating. This is the third of a series comparing methods of protective metal finishing processes.

Protecting steel galvanization.jpg

What do alchemy, Frankenstein, and a frog have in common? Galvanization

4 methods of anodizing_fb.jpg

Anodizing is an excellent solution for protecting metal because of the adhesion offered. It doesn't flake or lose its luster, making it a favorite for many industries.