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30 to 21 most Fab Times articles read in 2020

Thank youAs New Year's Eve approaches, we can't put 2020 in our rearview mirror fast enough! 

I may be accused of wearing a tinfoil hat, but it's hard arguing with the thought that the multiverse traveled through a black hole and permanently scrambled reality.

With this poor segue, it's time for our First Annual Year-End summary, listing the most popular articles published in Fab Times.

We published over 30 articles, writing close to 40,000 words on dozens of subjects. What follows is the first of three posts counting down to the most read article of 2020.

On behalf of the Schuette Metals family, thank you for your continued support. It's your curiosity that helps Fab Times to grow and improve.

Ranking Articles 30 to 21

#30 Most Read Article of 2020 Depressed by Supply and Assembly? Implement Kitting

Implementing a Kitting Program eliminates bottlenecks in the supply chain by centralizing components that arrive ready for equipment.

#29 Most Read Article of 2020 How Much do You Know About the Process of Cutting Metal?

Knowing metal cutting's evolution includes learning about metal properties and their historical applications. From the Stone Age to now, metal cutting is evolving.

#28 Most Read Article of 2020 The Marvelous Alchemy of Electroplating

Electric current combined with the dissolved metal cations equals Electroplating. This is the third of a series comparing methods of protective metal finishing processes.

#27 Most Read Article of 2020 A-Coating Isn't Just a Coating!

The A-Coating process resembles an e-coat. Both are excellent at protecting metals, but the process is the main difference between the two.

#26 Most Read Article of 2020 One of the Most Reliable Ways of Protecting Steel: Galvanization

What do alchemy, Frankenstein, and a frog have in common? Galvanization! 

#25 Most Read Article of 2020 Know Your Goals When Implementing Lean Integration

Simply defined, lean Integration is a data-driven methodology using metrics ensuring continuous quality and performance.

#24 Most Read Article of 2020 Do You Know the Difference Between QA & QC?

A QA system designs and manufactures products. QC verifies the products are safe.  Both systems are vital for great QMS.  However, each play their own part.

#23 Most Read Article of 2020 E-Coat vs A-Coat: the Tale of the Tape!

When comparing e-coatings to a-coatings, there's very little daylight between the two processes. Turns out, the main difference turns out to be something small.

#22 Most Read Article of 2020 Resistance Welding: an Accidental Discovery Helping Manufacturing

Copper wires fused accidentally before a lecture over 100 years ago was the seed that grew resistance welding.

#21 Most Read Article of 2020 The Familiarity and Strength of Powder Coating

Powder Coating is one of the most popular methods of protecting metals. It's cheaper, lasts longer, and is environmentally friendly.

Which articles did you find most informative?

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