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Is a 3rd coat necessary with a two-coat topcoat?

A two-coat topcoat is highly effective at hiding surface imperfections. A third coat provides no additional protection, making it unnecessary to add one.

Robotic Welding.jpg

Robotic welding evolved into a mainstay in manufacturing. Benefits range from increased production to quality and helping us to transition to Industry 4.0.

What are the implications and advantages of IoT in Welding Technology?

IoT in welding is a long way from the Bronze Age when people hammered two pieces of copper together. Sometimes people are not needed.

A Surprisingly Vexing Question: What Makes Architectural Embeds Vital?

Consider loads, concrete strength, design, and material costs when considering embeds. Any mistake along the line will cause delays and unhappy customers.

How a two-coat painting system saves time and money

A two-coat process, including e-coating, provides better rust and corrosion protection than other metal finishing systems. By not having a basecoat, the longevity of your component is shortened.

Why QRM is Important to the Manufacturing Industry

Learn about Quick Response Manufacturing and how it can help improve quality, reduce cost, and eliminate waste within a manufacturing organization.